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Did you know that one of the leading causes of oral health failure is not from for oral hygiene but rather the risks of oral accidents and injuries? It’s true, so it is important that in addition to daily cleaning routines you always exercise caution with all activities in your life that can easily damage your teeth and gums. To prevent the risk of tooth decay or other forms of dental damage, always wear appropriate safety gear and limit unhealthy habits in your life.

Just as smoking and chewing tobacco can damage your teeth and gums, so too can drugs. As with all bad habits, eliminate them from your life. Furthermore, exercise caution with any mouth jewelry that you may wear. Mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings place objects in your mouth that can easily lacerate your gums, chip and crack your teeth, pose as choking hazards, lead to infections, and cause permanent nerve damage.

If you are involved in any sports, it is important to use the appropriate safety equipment. This includes safety gear such as helmets, face masks and mouth guards. Only by actively protecting your smile from the risks of dental damage, can you ensure that you will be much safer from any accidents or injuries that may arise.

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