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Tobacco use poses any number of different threats to your medical and oral health. At the same time, the tar and other chemicals introduced to your teeth can also cause significant dental stains. This can very quickly leave you with an unsightly, yellow smile and a pervasively acrid breath.

Staining problems this significant often cannot be remedied by the mild concentration of whitening agents available in retail level oral hygiene products. To safely remove tobacco stains from your smile, you will need to have a dental bleaching treatment administered at Lakeview Dental Care.

When you pair Dr. Jeffrey Brink’s professional tools and techniques with potent dental bleaching agents, you have the most effective method for removing tobacco stains from the tooth enamel.

To prevent the potent dental-grade bleach from irritating your gums, Dr. Jeffrey Brink will apply a special gel or a temporary rubber dam over the gums.

Dr. Jeffrey Brink will then pour a small amount of the dental-grade bleach into a mouth-shaped tray. It will be inserted into your mouth with a mild suction wand and will be held there for a specific amount of time. The total duration of the dental bleaching treatment will vary depending on the depth and severity of the stains.

With the bleaching completed, Dr. Jeffrey Brink might use a special ultraviolet light to brighten the teeth and whiten any lingering stain particles deep within the tooth enamel. This can also help improve the luster of your teeth as well as eradicate deep stains from any trouble spots.

If you live in the Whitmore Lake, Michigan, area and you are struggling to deal with a tobacco-stained smile, you should call 810-231-2288 to schedule a dental bleaching treatment at Lakeview Dental Care.