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Taking care of your smile is a daily task. Although you don’t have to constantly think about making sure your teeth are completely spotless at all times of the day, it is important to take a general glance in that direction every once in a while to make sure there’s no debris hanging on your teeth and gums. Furthermore, brush twice a day and floss once a day as well to remove any hidden bacteria and plaque that may have begun to flourish in your mouth. With adequate care and optimum oral hygiene, your smile can thrive once more.

Never let your toothbrush fail. If for any reason your brush does wear down and fail, it will need to be replaced. This typically occurs every three to four months. When selecting a toothbrush look for one that can adequately clean on all sides of a tooth. Between each brushing session, make sure it is kept in a safe location that is upright and free of contamination. This includes making sure your toothbrush is not used by anyone else and that you are not using anyone else’s toothbrush.

Included with your tooth brushing tactics, it is important to make sure your flossing techniques are up to par as well. Similar to your toothbrush, you should focus on a period of roughly two to three minutes per session with your dental floss. To help prevent cross-contamination, never use the same strand of thread more than once. In addition, never use the same section of a strand between more than one tooth. To accomplish this, use a strand of thread that is roughly 18 inches in length to clean between all teeth, moving up and down the strand as needed.

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