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Your smile is your most important feature. Do you take care of it? Here are some tips to make sure your at-home oral hygiene is top-notch.


Brush: To start with the most basic of oral care, let’s talk about brushing your teeth. Make sure you are brushing them 2 times a day, for 2 minutes each time. This makes sure that all of your teeth get clean! Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, as stiff bristles can harm your gums and tooth enamel. Make sure you are using a clean toothbrush–even the best of toothbrushes only last 3-4 months. Replace it sooner if it gets contaminated, or if the bristles look frayed or worn.


Floss: A daily companion to brushing, flossing should be done once a day. It will take 2-3 minutes each time. Be sure to floss around each tooth in its entirety, including the back molars! Interdental cleaning may be uncomfortable at first, which is normal, but if the irritation persists after 2 weeks, talk to your dentist. If conventional flossing is difficult for you, talk with Dr. Jeffrey Brink about flossing alternatives.


Eating Right: Your oral health is more than just your oral hygiene. It also depends on the fuel you put into it. Avoid starchy or sticky, sugary foods, as prolonged contact with teeth can be damaging to enamel. If you do decide to eat these foods on occasion, be sure to brush and floss extra-thoroughly that day. Eat calcium-packed foods, such as cheese, dark leafy greens, and beans.


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