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Your natural tooth enamel is a very hard substance designed to give you the ability to bite and chew your food. Yet there are still some bad habits that can threaten the structural integrity of your teeth. If a tooth is chipped or fractured, it can cause pain and and even if you don’t feel any discomfort, the damage could leave your tooth vulnerable to cavities.

While you can never completely protect your teeth from the risk of chips or fractures, there are habits and things that you can avoid that will help maintain your teeth.

Chewing on things like pens and pencils can damage your teeth. If you use your teeth to open packages, that can lead to a chipped or broken tooth, as can chewing ice or other hard foods.

While grinding your teeth while you sleep is not technically a habit, it can weaken the the enamel of your teeth, or cause them to chip or crack. Dr. Jeffrey Brink can help you find a night guard to protect your teeth while you sleep.

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