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Having a tooth that has undergone severe decay is no fun. Eating and chewing can become painful experiences to people in this situation! Typically cavities are treated using dental fillings. In cases of severe tooth decay, there may not be enough healthy enamel in which to form an anchor for a filling. To make matters worse, it’s also highly likely that the root has also become infected.

If you find yourself in this scenario, your dentist Dr. Jeffrey Brink performs x-rays on the decayed tooth to examine its root for infection. If the x-rays come back showing that the roots are infected, you will likely need a root canal treatment.

Dr. Jeffrey Brink will carefully examine the roots in the x-rays to find out how much of it has been infected so that he will know how much to remove. A drill will be used to remove the decayed enamel. The damaged portion of the root is then extracted from this opening, and the roots are replaced with a rubber plug. An abutment is then able to be created for a dental crown to be placed into.

To create the crown, an impression of your tooth is taken and sent to a dental lab. The lab will use the impression of your tooth to create your crown. During a brief second appointment, your crown will be cemented into the created abutment, replacing your lost enamel and also restoring your ability to eat and chew as normal.

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