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Most people have wisdom teeth, which are a third set of molars that stay under the gums until late teenage or early adult years. These molars serve little purpose today and cause patients to have issues that require the teeth to need to be extracted. We provide a review of the wisdom tooth extraction process and what you can expect during recovery.

The complications involved with wisdom teeth are usually the result of a lack of space in the back of the mouth that prevent these teeth from emerging safely without disrupting the tooth alignment. This can cause the wisdom teeth to become impacted and remain under the gums.

If you have impacted wisdom teeth, you may experience persistent pressure and pain deep in the gums, as well as jaw muscles that feel sore. Over time, the integrity of your tooth roots can be affected by the impacted teeth as a result of the pressure.

To prevent damage caused by wisdom teeth, our dentist can perform wisdom tooth removal to extract these molars, and usually performs the process as a single outpatient procedure. If you receive full sedation, as is usually the case for this oral surgery, the lingering sedative effects will cause you to need a ride home from a family member or friend.

Following the procedure, we will provide custom recovery care instructions to care for your mouth. This will include a diet of soft foods, not using a straw for a while and resting often. Our dentist may prescribe medication for your comfort as well.

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